Introducing Resilient Danvers and our CASPR Plan

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Danvers has officially launched Resilient Danvers, an initiative to address climate change and create the Town’s first Climate Action, Sustainability, Preservation and Resiliency (CASPR) plan.

The CASPR plan will identify strategies that reduce community-wide greenhouse gas (“GHG”) emissions, the carbon pollution that causes disruptions to our climate. Strategies included in the plan will also address emergency preparedness in the face of Danvers’ known climate risks such as flooding and intense storms. Through Resilient Danvers, the Town seeks to enhance the economic, environmental, and social resilience of the community for current and future generations.

“Danvers Electric foresees a community where everyone can thrive in the face of climate change and utilize energy responsibly,” said Clint Allen, Assistant Utility Director of the Electric Division. 

“Embarking on the climate action planning process will put the Town on a path towards community resiliency and a healthy environment for everyone who lives and works in Danvers.”

Danvers will invite residents and business owners to participate in an online survey later this summer. The Town is also convening focus groups as well as a Climate Action Advisory Committee that will include representatives from a wide range of municipal departments, the Select Board, community organizations, and local businesses.

“We value what matters to our residents and business owners - they are the experts on what this community needs to be safe, vibrant, and viable. Our goal is to listen and learn from them about what Danvers should prioritize in the CASPR plan,” said Town Manager Steve Bartha.

Resilient Danvers’ newly-launched website provides an overview of the plan timeline, focus areas, and ways that stakeholders can stay engaged throughout the process. The Town will continuously update the website to keep the community informed on its progress - so check back often to stay in the loop!

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