Solar panels on academic college building.


Danvers endeavors to promote carbon-free energy, energy efficiency, and encourage resilient and high-performing homes and businesses.

Renewable Energy

Untapped Power Potential

Only 3% of the solar potential in town is currently being utilized, meaning we have an opportunity to produce more energy within our community and lower energy bills. The average solar installation on a rooftop of a home in Danvers would generate nearly half of that home's electricity needs each year (Project Sunroof). If all homes that could install solar did so, we could supply more than half of our current electricity use with local power. To compliment the clean energy produced from homes and businesses, the Town can also invest in renewable energy projects.

The Town is moving forward to install a 3+ megawatt (MW) solar array at the closed Danvers Landfill. The proposed array could generate 3.4M to 3.8M kWh per year, which is enough electricity to power about 550 homes. 

Be Part of the Solution

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Save money on energy costs and make your home more comfortable - all while helping our community reduce emissions.

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