Climate Action, Sustainability, Preservation and Resiliency Plan

Climate change will affect all of us. Resilient Danvers is a platform to share your concerns, priorities, and ideas for how Danvers should take appropriate action, such as building clean energy and transportation systems, supporting affordable and livable neighborhoods, and growing a diverse and sustainable economy.  

Climate Action, Sustainability, Preservation and Resiliency Plan

Danvers Is Taking Action

Danvers is stepping up to make sure our community can thrive despite the challenges ahead. By creating a Climate Action, Sustainability, Preservation and Resiliency (CASPR) Plan, we will address complex problems with solutions that work for everyone in Danvers. Our final CASPR Plan will include actions, backed by technical assessments and community input, to help us achieve bold goals for reducing our contribution to climate change and supporting a resilient and healthy community.

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Climate Action, Sustainability, Preservation and Resiliency Plan

Our Pathway

This year, we will complete a series of community assessments, data analyses, and stakeholder and community engagement activities to complete a Climate Action, Sustainability, Preservation, and Resiliency (CASPR) Plan by early 2023.

Climate Action, Sustainability, Preservation and Resiliency Plan

Focus Areas

Our plan will focus on developing bold goals and achievable actions in six key areas. These key areas were selected because within each of them we can significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions and enhance our community's resilience. Click on each Focus Area below to see the fact sheet!

Community Input

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Uplifting Community Voices

Actions that community members take every day can support the well-being of everyone who calls Danvers home. We want to amplify the voices of people like you who care about making our community safer, healthier, and more sustainable. Share your story with us!

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Community Engagement

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Community Engagement

Watch the Video

Watch Energy Resource Manager Jeff Elie explain why the Town is planning for a more resilient future and give an overview of what the Resilient Danvers action plan includes.

Thanks to Danvers TV for producing this video!

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Build the Movement in Danvers

Making a difference takes a village. Organizations, agencies, local groups, and individuals are welcome to use these resources to help everyone get involved in taking action for Danvers' future.

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