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Heat Pumps

Install a heat pump in your home and enjoy electrifying benefits!

A heat pump is a highly efficient heating and cooling system that keeps your home at a comfortable temperature all year round. A single air source heat pump can replace your air conditioner and heating system. Plus, heat pumps are electric; no need for fossil fuels like oil or natural gas. 

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Why Should I Get One?

High Comfort, Affordable, and Low Carbon

A single air source heat pump can replace your air conditioner and heating system, save you money on your energy bill, and reduce carbon emissions. But don't take our word for it: 100% of Danvers residents who responded to a recent Danvers Electric survey said that they were either very or fairly satisfied with their heat pump. 

As one resident said, "It has helped us to decrease our use of fuel oil this past winter and was still able to keep our house comfortable."

benefits of heat pumps include clean energy and year round heating and cooling.
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Why Should I Get One?

Install a Heat Pump If...

  1. Your existing heating system is getting older. Consider replacing it with a heat pump before it breaks down. 

  2. You're considering installing a new central air conditioner. A heat pump may cost only a little more and will provide heating AND cooling. Or, several ductless heat pumps may cost less than a new air conditioner in a home without ducts; but unlike an AC system it can heat your house during the winter, saving money all year.

  3. You currently heat your home with oil, propane, or resistance electricity. A heat pump can save significantly on heating costs.

  4. You heat your home with natural gas. You could also save money on heating costs and take advantage of Mass Save rebate of up to $10,000, in addition to a Danvers Electric rebate, when you install a heat pump. 

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Calculate Your Savings

Can heat pumps help you save on your monthly energy bill? Take our quick 3-question quiz to find out! To get a custom savings estimate, you just need to know the size of your home and what fuel you're currently using for heating (natural gas, oil, etc.).

How much could you save with a heat pump?

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How much could you save with a heat pump?


Switch and Save

Don't Miss Out! Rebates Are Available

Mass Save is offering up to $10,000 for customers to switch from natural gas heating systems to qualifying heat pumps. View the Mass Save rebate requirements and apply.

Danvers Electric is offering up to $4,000 for eligible heat pumps - which many residents are taking advantage of already. This amount can be added to the Mass Save rebate for those who switch from natural gas. Learn more and start the Danvers Electric rebate application.

Not ready to commit, but interested in learning more? Let us know down below and Danvers Electric will send you resources and tips via email!

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Heat Pump Myths, Busted

Myth: Heat pumps don’t work below freezing.  

Reality: The times (and technology) have changed! Today’s cold-climate heat pumps have enhanced heating capacity in cold weather and should be left running in all temperatures.

Myth: Heat pumps are expensive to operate.

Reality: While older heat pump models had low heat output and relied on costly electric backup heat, modern cold climate heat pumps have high heat output and don’t need backup heaters.

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Heat Pump Rebate

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Let us know that you're interested in installing a heat pump and Danvers Electric will send you information about the process and how to take advantage of rebates to help you save.

Resources to Get Started

Millions of Americans are making the switch. You can, too!

Learn more about heat pump technology and make the switch!

Find out how this technology works and get tips for buying and installing.
See if your home qualifies for rebates!
Attention natural gas homes! This rebate is for YOU to make the switch.
How exactly does a heat pump work?
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