Behind the Scenes: Our Climate Action Advisory Group

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What is the Climate Action Advisory Group?

The Climate Action Advisory Group guides the CASPR planning process to ensure we are incorporating best practices, leveraging existing knowledge, and ensuring equitable engagement. In addition to Town staff members, key stakeholders from the community will participate on the Advisory Group to create a diverse group of stakeholders, including representatives from businesses, utilities, regional and state agencies, colleges, hospitals and the health sector, and community-based organizations. The Advisory Group will meet several times throughout the CASPR planning process to guide the development of the goals, strategies, and actions that will be our roadmap to a resilient future.

While there are many stakeholders involved through the Advisory Group, we are spotlighting two key Town staff who are driving the CASPR planning process. Get to know the QBs of the Resilient Danvers initiative!

Energy Resources Manager, Jeff Elie 

Jeff has a holistic background in local environmental policy and planning, as well as expertise in utilities. He believes that since Danvers Electric is part of the Department of Public Works, he will be better able to collaborate with other departments and draw from their expertise. He is proud of the work Danvers has done working to be designated as a Smart Energy Provider, and is excited about continuing to build the electric heat pump program to transition customers to more efficient power sources, and the commercial battery storage program to reduce peak energy demand days and bring cost savings to customers.  

Jeff wants to understand what Danvers can do to reduce greenhouse gas emissions while integrating the perspectives of Danvers residents into their planning processes and making sure their solutions work for everyone. He wants to help Danvers residents create change in their daily lives and get involved!  

Assistant Utility Director, Clint Allen 

Clint has a background in power systems engineering with a focus on renewable power sources. He started in Danvers as an Energy Efficiency Engineer and is passionate about helping people use energy more efficiently. Danvers Electric prioritizes sourcing long-term power contracts and pursuing renewable energy sources for projects. They are on track to meet Massachusetts State Goals to integrate renewable energy into power operations.  

Clint wants to help customers transition away from oil and electrify, while getting to a 100% carbon-free energy portfolio for the town’s power. He believes that we must “think globally, act locally” in order to address climate change and that encouraging community involvement on a personal basis is essential.   

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