The Power of Community Engagement

Taking action to address climate change will require effort from everyone in Danvers: from individuals, Town staff, and organizations across the community. The Town of Danvers knows that its residents, particularly those who might be most impacted by climate change, are the most important voices to include when deciding how to bring residents the resources they need to address these impacts. Danvers has prioritized creating opportunities for residents to provide their input during the planning process to make it more effective and actionable.  


Engaging the Community 

Our community survey reached about 700 individuals, who felt that enhancing natural spaces, conserving water, and supporting renewable energy projects should be the biggest priorities for the CASPR plan. The survey results help us understand what changes residents want to see, such as keeping renewable energy affordable, as well as potential roadblocks to address such as constraints for community actions due to being a renter. We also have a better understanding of what changes Danvers's residents area already making, for example most people already recycle what they can (55% of survey respondents).   

We’ve also been working with a stellar group of volunteers to help us engage community members with the Plan.

“I felt like I was really making a difference when I educated others on how they could minimize harm to the environment by investing in electric cars, using rain barrels, cutting down use of plastics, etc. I think climate change and environmental issues are not talked about enough in the community, so I am thankful for Resilient Danvers speaking up and trying to tackle those issues.” 

Volunteer and Advisory Group member Robert Gamer had similar feelings about the importance of Danvers residents’ input and investment in Resilient Danvers. 

“I agree with that statement that the environment is no one’s property to destroy; it is everyone’s responsibility to protect. For this reason, Resilient Danvers has my wholehearted support in building a Climate Action Plan that will work. Starting out by tabling at the concerts held at the Peabody Institute Library’s Pavilion during the summer, we got many Danvers residents to fill out the Community Survey. This input will be an aid in shaping the Climate Action Plan. The efforts of Resilient Danvers is our part on a grassroots level to prevent climate impacts on a global scale.”  

Community engagement is a valuable (and necessary) tool for making sure this action plan works for everyone in Danvers. By listening to the concerns, ideas, and priorities of our community members, the Town is in a better position to support residents to take action and make a difference.


How Can You Stay Involved? 

Now that our plan is well under way, we need all community members to commit to helping us reach our goals. We’re counting on YOU to help us succeed. Here are some ways you can take action for a sustainable future for Danvers:

  • Make your home or business more energy efficient. Take advantage of Danvers’s rebates to electrify your home and assess opportunities to make your energy system more efficient. How much could YOU save with a heat pump
  • Reduce your waste. Residents and businesses can do their part to reduce waste through more conscious purchasing of goods and aiming to prevent waste before it happens. Manage your waste more responsibly by correctly disposing of it! 
  • Reduce your transportation emissions. Look into opportunities to make investing in an EV more affordable or explore ways to get around that don’t involve a car (like walking or biking!)  
  • Solarize your home. You can get rebates to install solar on your home! 
  • Landscape sustainably. Look into ways to protect our wildlife and water resources through this “Greenscapes Guide”.  

Stay involved and informed. The Resilient Danvers Dashboard is a great way to learn about what the Town is doing to tackle climate change. (Hint: this website will become the place we track our progress on key Plan actions, too!)

Keep up to date with our progress and events through the Town’s social media (like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram).