Be Part of the Solution

Everyone can make a difference. Make a simple change in your everyday life to reduce waste, save water and energy, or drive less and you can help the Town of Danvers achieve its sustainability goals.


Danvers strives to create more efficient energy systems and encourages resilient and high-performing buildings.

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Be Part of the Solution

Save Energy (and Money!) at Home

Save money and reduce greenhouse gas emissions in Danvers by making your home or business more energy efficient. 

Take Simple Steps for a Sustainable Home
Know How Much Energy Your Home Uses
Install Energy Efficient Appliances and Heating Systems
Buildings Lighting Town Photos


Danvers endeavors to promote carbon-free energy, energy efficiency, and encourage resilient and high-performing homes and businesses.

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Be Part of the Solution

Take Energy Action Today!

Save money on energy costs and make your home more comfortable - all while helping our community reduce emissions.

Start saving energy and money by installing an electric heat pump.
Check out this guide to installing solar at your home.
Explore Danvers Electric rebates for solar.
Save energy and money with Danvers Electric rebates for indoor and outdoor appliances and tools.
Man installs solar array on roof in summertime.

Natural Resources

Danvers aims to protect and enhance the natural resources, ensuring clean water and open spaces are accessible to all.

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Be Part of the Solution

Support our Natural Resources!

Protect our natural resources and diversify our ecosystems where you live and recreate.

Save water with Town rebates and resources!
Get tips for sustainable landscaping
Danvers has parks, trails, and playgrounds for our community to enjoy
Save water, help out pollinators, and stop flooding with a rain garden in your yard
Group of children planting flowers in a garden.

Public Health and Safety

Danvers seeks to ensure our community is safe, healthy, and prepared for extreme weather events and other climate impacts.

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Be Part of the Solution

Stay Informed and Get Prepared

Follow these steps to stay informed, safe, and prepared.

Subscribe to Emergency Alerts through Blackboard Connect
Know the Signs of Heat Illness
Prepare for Heat Emergencies in Advance
Make an Emergency Preparedness Kit For Your Home
Emergency Kit Illustration

Solid Waste

Danvers aims to empower the community to use our resources more efficiently and create opportunities to reuse and recover waste.

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Be Part of the Solution

Help Our Community Reduce Waste!

Reduce your waste and help Danvers use resources more wisely.

Participate in a Litter Clean Up Event with the Town
Compost Your Food Scraps at Home
Bring Your Own Bags When You Shop or Participate in a Bag Drive
Learn more about yard waste composting and how you can participate!

Community Clean-Up Event

Transportation and Land Use

Danvers strives empower our community to use low-carbon mobility choices and reduce car dependence with expanded transportation options and smart community planning.

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Be Part of the Solution

Get on Board with Green Transportation!

Take advantage of the active transportation methods, public transit, and EV opportunities Danvers has to offer.

Check out North Shore TMA for commuter programs and resources
Get cash back on your EV purchase!
Get $300 Off Installing a Home EV Charger from Danvers Electric
Visit the Danvers Rail Trail

Photo Credit: Danvers Rail Trail