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Everyone can make a difference. Make a simple change in your everyday life to reduce waste, save water and energy, or drive less and you can help the Town of Danvers achieve its sustainability goals.

Climate Change in Danvers

Climate change is caused by human activities that rely on burning fossil fuels which emit greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. When these emissions build up, they change climate conditions and create hazards that impact our community in many ways. 

We need to take action now to prepare for a future that is safe, healthy, and sustainable - for everyone.

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Explore these videos, news stories, and resources to learn more about our changing climate and the solutions for a resilient future!

Younger generations will be deeply affected by climate change. How do we explain it to them?
Learn about what the commonwealth is doing to address climate risks and reduce our contribution.
Get started by listening to some podcasts. From climate science 101 to diving into complex energy systems, there is a podcast for you!
Follow along with climate justice-oriented news and articles from Grist.
Watch a video explaining 300 years of fossil fuel history in 300 seconds.
Three young school children point upwards towards a large map of the world in a classroom.

Heat Pumps

Install a heat pump in your home and enjoy electrifying benefits!

A heat pump is a highly efficient heating and cooling system that keeps your home at a comfortable temperature all year round. A single air source heat pump can replace your air conditioner and heating system. Plus, heat pumps are electric; no need for fossil fuels like oil or natural gas. 

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Resources to Get Started

Millions of Americans are making the switch. You can, too!

Learn more about heat pump technology and make the switch!

Find out how this technology works and get tips for buying and installing.
See if your home qualifies for rebates!
Attention natural gas homes! This rebate is for YOU to make the switch.
How exactly does a heat pump work?
Two young kids laying comfortably on couch with arms folded and legs against wall.