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Greenhouse Gas Emissions in Danvers

What are GHGs and how are they connected to climate change?  A lot of things we do each day use energy. Right now, ...

- 08-29-2022

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Behind the Scenes: Our Climate Action Advisory Group

What is the Climate Action Advisory Group?The Climate Action Advisory Group guides the CASPR planning process to ensure ...

- 07-29-2022

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5 Ways to Get Involved with Resilient Danvers

Our work to make Danvers a safe, healthy, and resilient community - for us and future generations – will not becom...

- 07-15-2022

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Introducing Resilient Danvers and our CASPR Plan

Danvers has officially launched Resilient Danvers, an initiative to address climate change and create the Town’s f...

Resilient Danvers - 06-23-2022