Solid Waste

Danvers aims to empower the community to use our resources more efficiently and create opportunities to reuse and recover waste.

Reducing Our Waste

First, Reduce and Reuse

How can we manage our waste in a more sustainable way? The first thing we can do is tackle waste at the source by buying only what we need and reusing materials instead of throwing them into the trash. Next, recycling and recovering materials allows resources to continue to be useful. Taking organic material like food scraps out of our waste stream will be an important, too!

One way Danvers has aligned with the Waste Management Hierarchy is by implementing a Plastic Bag Reduction Bylaw. This policy bans the use of single-use plastic bags, such as thin grocery bags, which cannot be recycled through residential recycling programs and lose most of their value after just one use.

Sustainable Waste Management

Special Collections

Danvers offers options for easily disposing of items that can contaminate recycling bins. Residents have access to curbside pickup for recycling, yard waste, Styrofoam, textiles, and bulky items. These special collections can have a big impact on reducing recycling contamination - in the year 2022 alone the textile program recycled almost 30,000 pounds of old clothing! The Town also holds events like Zero Waste Recycling Weekends and Household Hazardous Waste Day to encourage proper disposal of common items. 

Check out the Town's waste events schedule and plan to attend a drop-off event!

Be Part of the Solution

Help Our Community Reduce Waste!

Reduce your waste and help Danvers use resources more wisely.

Participate in a Litter Clean Up Event with the Town
Compost Your Food Scraps at Home
Bring Your Own Bags When You Shop or Participate in a Bag Drive
Learn more about yard waste composting and how you can participate!

Community Clean-Up Event